Please be aware that I have recently moved to West Virginia.  My website is being updated and reconstructed  for me.  You can contact me by email at the “Contact Us” tab above.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

The main theme of our business is the mid-18th century (1730-1770). We also have an extensive research library, and are available for consultation in the development of historic personas. 

Missy Clark has a degree in American Textile History.

We are serious re-enactors! Our products are well researched and documented when possible. We sell nothing we would not want to own ourselves. Together, we cover all aspects of the domestic history of this period.

As re-enactor sutlers, we travel up and down the Eastern United States camping in our store…cooking out back, with music at night. We’re out there, we are one of you!

We thank you very much for stopping by…at our web site…and at our tent during re-enactments. You’re always welcome, and we consider you a new friend!